2015-Asian Archaeology-Volume 3



asian archaeology, an annual, english-language journal, is edited by the research center for chinese frontier archaeology of jilin university, a chinese ministry of education sponsored key research institute of humanities and social sciences at universities. the nine papers in this volume include research essays and reports from archaeological investigations covering regions of east asia— including china—and the eurasian steppe. their research topics include the origins of agriculture, settlement pattern change, and cultural exchange and interaction. these papers present new archaeological data and research on them, as well as studies in scientific archaeology, including ancient dna analyses and materials analyses of ancient objects.




asian archaeology is produced to serve the needs of scholars around the world doing research in asian archaeology, offering them an accessible, english-language reference work.



contentsdemography and conflict during the warring states and han periods in northern liaoningjames t. williams 1the initial spread of early agriculture into northeast asiakazuo miyamoto 11comparative analysis of economic activities during the neolithic in the sanjiang plain and the middle and lower heilongjiang river valleyzhao binfu, he qiang, zhao juan 27environmental preconditions and human response: settlement patterns and subsistencepractices in the prehistoric liangshan region, southwest chinaanke hein 39the transformation of cultural exchange between north china and the eurasian steppe fromthe late warring states period to the middle western hanpan ling 95contact and exchange in northern china: a case study on the tomb of a zoroastrian sogdian, kang ye (512–571 ce)mandy jui-man wu 107paleopathological study of human remains from the bronze age shilinggang site in nujiang, yunnan, southwest chinazhao dongyue, zhu hong, kang lihong 129in pursuit of evidence for local production of bohai tricolored earthenware: chemical analyses of lead glaze ceramics excavated from kraskino and gorbatka in the russian maritime provincefurihata junko, nakamura akiko, shoda shinya, evgeniya gelman, saito tsutomu, kojima yoshitaka 145molecular archaeological research on ancient cattle from the early bronze age changningsite, qinghai provincecai dawei, luan yiting, gao yayun, chen xi, tang zhuowei, ren xiaoyan, zhou hui 167call for papers



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