目 录
Preface xi
How This Book Is Arranged xii
Before You Begin xii
Part One: Getting Acquainted with the ACT Test 1Chapter1: About the ACT 3
Description of the ACT 4
English Test 4
Mathematics Test 6
Reading Test 14
Science Test 17
Writing Test (Optional) 19
The Fifth Test 21
ACT Test Formats: Paper and Online 21
Using a Calculator 21
Taking the Test 22
Summary 23

Chapter2: Preparation, Skills, and Strategies 25
Mental Preparation 26
Identify Strengths and Address Areas ofImprovement 26
Develop a Positive Mental Attitude 27
Keep the Test in Perspective 27
General Test-Taking Strategies andSkills 27
Remain Calm 27
Pace Yourself 28
Know the Directions Ahead ofTime 29
Read Carefully and Thoroughly 29
Choose Strategies for Answering Easierand More Difficult Questions 30
Use Logic on More DifficultQuestions 30
Choose a Strategy for Guessing onMultiple-Choice Questions 30
Choose a Strategy for Changing Answers31
Write Notes in Your Test Booklet 31
Mark Your Answers Carefully 31
Plan to Check Your Answers 32
Learn Strategies for Specific Tests 32
Summary 32

Part Two: Taking and EvaluatingYour First Practice Test 33Chapter3: Taking and Scoring Your First ACT Practice Test 35
Simulating Testing Conditions 35
Practice Test 1 41
Scoring Your Practice Test 101
Scoring Your Multiple-Choice PracticeTests 102
Scoring Your Practice Writing TestEssay 108
Reviewing Explanatory Answers 113

Chapter4: Identifying Areas for Improvement 188
Reviewing Your Overall Performance 189
Highlighting Strengths and Areas forImprovement on the English Test 189
Test-Taking Skills 190
Highlighting Strengths and Areas forImprovement
on the Mathematics Test 192
Math Subject Areas 192
Test-Taking Errors 192
Highlighting Strengths and Areas forImprovement on the Reading Test 193
Types of Reading Passages 194
Reading Skills Tested 194
Test-Taking Errors 195
Highlighting Strengths and Areas forImprovement on the Science Test 196
Subject Matter 196
Types of Science Questions 197
Common Science Test-TakingErrors 197
Highlighting Strengths and Areas forImprovement on the Writing Test 198
Writing Skills Tested 198
Writing Strategy or Process Errors 199

Part Three: Improving Your Score201
Chapter5: Improving Your English Score 203
Content of the ACT English Test 203
Types of Questions on the ACT EnglishTest 204
Strategies for Taking the ACT EnglishTest 213

Chapter6: Improving Your Math Score 229
Content of the ACT MathematicsTest 230
Preparing for Higher Math 230
Integrating Essential Skills 230
Modeling 231
Types of Questions on the ACTMathematics Test 231
Basic Math Problems 231
Basic Math Problems in Settings 235
Very Challenging Problems 239
Question Sets 246
Strategies for Taking the ACTMathematics Test 251
Pace Yourself 251
Answer All Questions 251
Answer All the Easy Questions First,Then Go Back to
Answer the Hard Ones 252
Read Each Problem Carefully 252
Look for Information in the AnswerChoices 252
Use Illustrations Wisely and WheneverYou Can 253
Use Your Calculator Wisely 253
Think! 253
Show Your Work 254
Check Your Answers 254

Chapter7: Improving Your Reading Score 255
Content of the ACT Reading Test 255
Key Ideas and Details 256
Craft and Structure 256
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 256
Types of Questions on the ACT ReadingTest 256
Representative ACT Reading TestQuestions 257
Strategies for Taking the ACT ReadingTest 267
Pace Yourself 267
Use the Time Allotted 267
Think of an Overall Strategy That Worksfor You 268
Keep the Passage as a Whole inMind 268
Find a Strategy for Approaching EachQuestion 268
Reading Strategies Summary 269

Chapter8: Improving Your Science Score 277
Content of the ACT Science Test 277
Format of the ACT Science Test 278Data Representation Format 279
The ONLY Official Prep Guide from theMakers of the ACT
Discussion of Sample Passage I (DataRepresentation) 281
Research Summaries Format 284
Discussion of Sample Passage II(Research Summaries) 286
Conflicting Viewpoints Format 288
Discussion of Sample Passage III(Conflicting Viewpoints) 290
Strategies for Taking the ACT ScienceTest 293
Develop a Problem-Solving Method 293
Take Notes 294
Pace Yourself 294
Practice Interpreting Graphs, Tables,and Diagrams 294
Make the Most of the Information inGraphs 295
Make the Most of the Information inTables 297
Develop an Understanding of ScientificInvestigations 298
Carefully Analyze ConflictingViewpoints 298

Chapter9: Improving Your Score on the Optional Writing Test 299
Content of the ACT Writing Test 300
How Your Essay Will Be Scored 300
Sample Prompt andEssays 300
Sample ACT Writing Test Prompt 301Sample Essay Responses 303
Strategies for Taking the ACT WritingTest 327
Prewrite 327
Write 327
Review Your Essay 328
Practice 328

Part Four: Taking AdditionalPractice Tests 329
Chapter10: Taking Additional Practice Tests 331
Practice Test 2 337
Explanatory Answers 397
Practice Test 3 477
Explanatory Answers 537
Practice Test 4 625
Explanatory Answers 683
Practice Test 5 757
Explanatory Answers 815

Chapter11: Scoring the Additional Practice Tests 886
Scoring Your PracticeTests 887
Scoring Practice Test2 888
Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 888
Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 2Essay 894
Scoring Practice Test3 897
Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 897
Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 3Essay 902
Scoring Practice Test 4 904
Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 904
Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 4Essay 909
Scoring Practice Test 5 911
Scoring the Multiple-Choice Tests 911
Scoring Your Practice Writing Test 5Essay 916

Chapter12: Interpreting Your ACT Test Scores and Ranks 918
Understanding Your ACT TestResults 920
How ACT Scores Your Multiple-ChoiceTests 920
How ACT Scores Your Writing Test 920
Recognizing That Test Scores AreEstimates of
Educational Achievement 920
Using Ranks to Interpret YourScores 921
Comparing Your Test Scores to EachOther 921
Comparing Your Scores and Ranks to Your
High School Grades 921
Comparing Your Scores to Those ofEnrolled First-Year College Students 921
Using ACT College and Career ReadinessStandards to Help You Understand Your ACT Scores 922
Planning Your Education and Career 923
Seeking Additional Information andGuidance 923
ACT College and Career ReadinessStandards–English 924
Production of Writing 924
ACT College and Career Readiness Standards–Mathematics 931
ACT College and Career ReadinessStandards–Reading 940
Text Complexity Rubric–Reading 947
ACT College and Career ReadinessStandards–Science 954

Part Five: Moving Forward to TestDay 959Chapter13: Registering, Planning, and Packing for Test Day 961
National Testing Program versusSchool/District/State Testing 962
Registering for the ACT 962
Selecting a National Testing Date andLocation 962
Selecting a Test Option 964
Registering 964
Registering Under Special Circumstances 965
Planning and Packing for Test Day 965
Getting to the Test Center 965
Dressing for Test Day 966
Packing for Test Day: What to Bring 966
Obtaining Additional Test Details 967
At the Test Center 967
Checking In 967
The ONLY Official Prep Guide from theMakers of the ACT Following the Rules 968
Communicating with the Testing Staff 969
Maintaining Your Composure and Energy 970
Voiding Your Answer Documents on TestDay 970
TestingMore Than Once 971







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