Flora of China 19



  volume 19 of the illustrations series encompasses 20 plant
families, among them: rubiaceae, the madder family, with coffea
arabica, the coffee tree, gardenia jasminoides, the beautiful
gardenia, cinchona pubescens, source of quinine, and many other
notable species; acanthaceae, with species of horticultural and
medicinal value, e.g., barleria cristata; plantaginaceae, including
plantago arenaria, cultivated for its medicinal seeds;
campanulaceae, known for its garden plants with often blue,
bell-shaped flowers, among the most striking, campanula glomerata,
the clustered bellflower, and lobelia chinensis, one of the
fundamental herbs of chinese medicine; adoxaceae, containing the
genus viburnum, with its berries and flowers; caprifoliaceae,
including the genus lonicera, the honeysuckle; dipsacaceae, the
teasel family; valerianaceae, whose garlands of fragrant valeriana
the great chinese poet of the third and fourth centuries bc chu
yuan described in his autobiographical poem “li sao”; annonaceae,
the custard apple family; and berberidaceae, the barberry family,
with its decorative, edible berries.



Flora of China 19

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