The IIIustrated Book of Confucius-孔子画传














introductionpart 1 the lineage of confuciuspart 2 teaching himself and supporting himselfpart 3 first exposure to social realitypart 4 an unorthodox educationpart 5 assistant master of ceremoniespart 6 becoming famous for founding a schoolpart 7 learning for allpart 8 the origin of the four fields of studypart 9 trip to the capitalpart 10 consulting laozi about the ritespart 11 discussing music with chang hongpart 12 the political environment in the state of lupart 13 duck jing of qi asks about governmentpart 14 hearing the shao musicpart 15 fleeing from qipart 16 fourteen years of not being confused and knowing themandate of heavenpart 17 learning and digesting the truth of the rites and music ofthree dynastiespart 18 through the rites archive humanism, display humanismthrough the ritespart 19 establishing the character of the gentlemanpart 20 time is flowing away and it does not wait for uspart 21 confucius’ official careerpart 22 appointed minister of the interiorpart 23 uproar at jiagupart 24 attending the year-end sacrificepart 25 razing the three citiespart 26 i am going so slowly because i am leaving behind the landof my parentspart 27 arrival in weipart 28 delayed in kuang and pupart 29 three unhappy years in weipart 30 through the states of cao and song to zhengpart 31 arrival in chenpart 32 starvation between chen and caipart 33 passing through fuhanpart 34 casual meeting with chu hermitspart 35 falling ill on the waypart 36 return to weipart 37 state elderpart 38 sorting out the ancient recordspart 39 three thousand followers, seventy disciplespart 40 deaths of kong li, yan hui and zi lupart 41 “i think only heaven understands me!”part 42 a man of the most exalted virtue and the utmost moralintegrity


The IIIustrated Book of Confucius-孔子画传

书名:The IIIustrated Book of Confucius-孔子画传

作者:周春才 编绘






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